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    Hey there, all you stylish time travelers! Get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey through the groovy ’70s, where men’s hairstyles were as iconic as the disco ball. From the carefree afros to the rebellious mullets, we’re about to explore a world of hair that is far out and fab. So, fasten your seatbelts as we dive into the essence of 70s hairstyles for men.

    The Shag

    The Shag was the embodiment of laid-back chic in the 1970s. This hairstyle featured layered locks that extended beyond the ears and a bit longer at the back. The signature touch was the long, feathered bangs that gracefully framed the face, creating a carefree and effortlessly tousled appearance. The Shag was the go-to choice for those who wanted to strike a balance between cool and casual.

    The Shag hairstyle
    Source: @psvnto via Instagram


    The Afro was more than just a hairstyle; it was a cultural movement. Popularized by African-American men, the Afro was a celebration of natural hair texture and volume. It was one of the trendiest 70s hairstyles for men, It involves letting your hair grow freely into a large, rounded shape that resembles a halo. It was not just a fashion statement but also a symbol of pride and identity during this era.

    Afro hairstyle
    Source: @marquinhos_afrohair via Instagram


    The Mullet, famously known as “business in the front, party in the back,” was a haircut that defined individuality. It featured shorter, neatly trimmed hair on the top and sides, while the back was left to grow long, creating a distinctive contrast. Many Mullet enthusiasts complemented this style with a mustache, completing the rebellious look that was favored by rockstars and trendsetters alike.

    Mullet hairstyle
    Source: @alehairboutique via Instagram


    The Pompadour was the pinnacle of sophistication in the ’70s. This classic hairstyle was characterized by short sides and back, while the top was meticulously styled to achieve a high, voluminous appearance. The front hair was usually swept upward and backward, creating an elegant and refined silhouette that exuded confidence and charisma.

    Pompadour hairstyle
    Source: @barbercar_ via Instagram

    Jheri Curl

    The Jheri Curl was all about making a statement with shiny, luscious locks. Achieved with special curling products, this hairstyle featured loose, glossy curls that gave the hair a wet-look effect. It was a unique and daring choice, often associated with the world of entertainment and music.

    Jheri Curl hairstyle
    Source: @mr_pacer via Instagram


    Sideburns were more than just a facial accessory; they were a defining feature of the ’70s style. Men let their sideburns grow long, extending them down to the jawline. This look added a touch of rebellion to an otherwise clean-cut appearance, making it a favorite among the counterculture movement.

    Sideburns hairstyle
    Source: @arseny_chutker via Instagram

    Feathered Hair

    Feathered hair was all about creating a natural and breezy look. It involved layers that allowed the hair to flow gracefully. The key to achieving this style was a gentle, outward flick of the hair, giving it a feathery texture. This hairstyle embodied the relaxed, carefree spirit of the ’70s.

    Feathered Hairstyle
    Source: @garymillertime via Instagram


    Cornrows was a form of artistic expression for many men in the ’70s. This intricate style involved braiding hair close to the scalp in various patterns and designs. It was not only a fashion statement but also a cultural symbol, reflecting the rich heritage of African and African-American communities.

    Cornrows hairstyle
    Source: @ricagotmeright via Instagram

    Faux Hawk

    For those who wanted a touch of rebellion without going full punk, the Faux Hawk was the perfect choice. It featured shorter sides while the hair in the center was styled to stand upright, creating a subtle but edgy appearance. This hairstyle allowed men to showcase their individuality with a hint of attitude.

    Faux Hawk hairstyle
    Source: @ryoheisugi via Instagram

    Bowl Cut

    The Bowl Cut was a bold and distinctive choice that challenged conventional hairstyles. It appeared as if a bowl had been placed on the head, and the hair was cut evenly around its rim. This unconventional look was a favorite among those who wanted to break free from the norm and embrace a unique style.

    Bowl Cut hairstyle
    Source: @birdsbarbershop via Instagram


    The Flattop was a hairstyle that demanded attention with its bold, flat, and horizontal top. The sides and back were buzzed short, while the top was left flat and level. This distinct look showcased a sense of order and precision and was often sported by individuals who took pride in their grooming.

    Flattop hairstyle
    Source: @the_corded_barber via Instagram

    Permed Hair

    Permed hair was a bold choice that showcased wavy or curly locks. Achieved through chemical processes, it was a way for men to express themselves with textured, voluminous hair. Permed hair was often embraced by those who wanted to add flair to their appearance and keep up with the fashion trends of the era.

    Permed Hairstyle
    Source: @jasonhairdesign via Instagram

    Long and Straight

    Long, straight hair was a signature look for rock ‘n’ roll legends of the ’70s. It was all about making a statement not only with your music but also with your appearance. This hairstyle was simple yet iconic, representing the rebellious spirit and free-flowing creativity of the era.

    Long and Straight hairstyle
    Source: @aus_johnny76 via Instagram

    Center Part

    The Center Part was a straightforward yet effective choice for men who wanted to showcase their natural hair texture. The hair was parted evenly down the middle, allowing it to flow freely on both sides. This style was synonymous with a relaxed and easygoing attitude.

    Center Part hairstyle
    Source: @kazu_stylist via Instagram


    The Mohawk was the ultimate rebel’s choice. It featured shaved sides with a strip of longer hair down the center of the head. This bold and fearless style was embraced by those who wanted to stand out and challenge societal norms.

    Mohawk hairstyle
    Source: @m_mbarberia via Instagram


    The Greaser style was all about sleek, slicked-back hair achieved with generous amounts of pomade. It was a timeless look that conveyed a sense of rebellion and attitude, making it a favorite among men who wanted to make a lasting impression.

    Greaser hairstyle
    Source: @kool_kuts_for_men via Instagram


    Dreadlocks were more than just a hairstyle; they were a lifestyle choice. Twisting and matting hair strands into ropes created a unique and textured look. This style was not only a fashion statement but also a symbol of cultural pride and individuality.

    Dreadlocks hairstyle
    Source: @braider.t.house via Instagram

    Wavy Surfer Hair

    Wavy Surfer Hair captured the essence of carefree beach vibes. Medium-length hair with natural waves, often sun-bleached by the sun and sea, was the hallmark of this laid-back style. It was a nod to the easygoing, sun-soaked days of the ’70s.

    Wavy Surfer Hairstyle
    Source: @buffaloco.co via Instagram

    Headband Hairstyle

    Long hair was often tamed with a headband, creating distinctive 70s hairstyles for men. The headband added an element of style while keeping the hair in check, making it a practical and fashionable choice.

    Headband Hairstyle
    Source: @tricycle.id via Instagram

    Poodle Perm

    The Poodle Perm was all about achieving a bouncy and textured appearance. It involved chemically curling the hair into tight, springy coils, creating a distinctive and playful look.

    Poodle Perm hairstyle
    Source: @20ka1_bce via Instagram

    Tousled Bedhead

    The Tousled Bedhead was the epitome of the “I woke up like this” style. Effortlessly disheveled and carefree, this look embodied a rebellious and nonchalant spirit.

    Tousled Bedhead hairstyle
    Source: @ruuttu2 via Instagram

    Military Cut

    The Military Cut was the choice of men who valued practicality and neatness. It featured short and precisely trimmed hair, reflecting discipline and order.

    Military Cut hairstyle
    Source: @maguin.hair via Instagram

    Elvis Presley Pompadour

    Channeling the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the Elvis Presley Pompadour was an iconic hairstyle. It involved sweeping the front hair upward and backward, creating a signature look that exuded charisma and showmanship.

    Elvis Presley Pompadour hairstyle
    Source: @meir.a960 via Instagram

    Flared Afro

    For those who wanted to take the classic Afro to the next level, the Flared Afro added extra volume and larger curls. This style was all about making a bold and vibrant statement.

    Flared Afro hairstyle
    Source: @marquinhos_afrohair via Instagram

    Short and Textured

    Short hair with layers was a popular choice for those who wanted a textured and stylish appearance. It added depth and dimension to the hair, creating a modern and fashionable look.

    Short and Textured hairstyle
    Source: @miamihairmel via Instagram

    Side Part Comb Over

    The Side Part Comb Over was a classic choice that exuded sophistication. It featured a defined side part with hair combed over to one side, creating a polished and timeless appearance.

    Side Part Comb Over hairstyle
    Source: @luxesalon808 via Instagram

    Mutton Chops

    Bold and daring, Mutton Chops were more than just facial hair; they were a statement. Long sideburns extended down to the jawline and connected with a mustache, creating a distinctive and rebellious look.

    Mutton Chops hairstyle
    Source: @chintanhthakkar via Instagram

    Slicked-Back Hair

    Slicked-back hair was a classic choice that oozed sophistication and it was the go-to 70s hairstyles for men. Achieved by combing hair back with the help of pomade or gel, it created a polished and refined appearance, often accompanied by a clean-shaven face.

    Slicked-Back Hairstyle
    Source: @misho_hayeercutz via Instagram

    Rocker Shag

    The Rocker Shag was the edgier version of the Shag hairstyle. This ’70s hairdo featured more pronounced layers, often with choppy ends, giving it a rocker-inspired, rebellious feel.

    Rocker Shag hairstyle
    Source: @kiyo_meynewyork via Instagram


    And there you have it, a journey through 30 sensational 70s hairstyles for men that defined an era of self-expression, diversity, and sheer coolness. Whether you’re looking to relive the past or add a touch of retro flair to your current style, these vintage hairdos are timeless and endlessly inspiring. So, which ’70s look are you itching to rock? Get ready to turn heads and make a groovy statement with your hairdo!

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